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  First, we are a Michigan Nonprofit Charity Organization that offers free recycling services to organizations so we can obtain computer equipment to refurbish (as much as possible) and to recycle the rest into base material forms for individual category recycling.

Our focus is on putting the products back into use, either through sales at our thrift store (which is our only source of income at this time to be able to afford the overhead by which to operate) or through the donation of items to Churches, Schools and other Nonprofit Organizations (whose names /logos are posted in our store on our Giving Wall display). These donation products in the latter consist of Desktop Computer Systems in   Pentium 4 and  include a Desktop CPU box, 17” CRT Monitor, KB, Mouse and power cords. We generally get the organization to do the final outer cleaning of the items in order to get the people of the organization more involved than just picking the items up at our location and then handing them out to someone. We will preload Win XP, the free version of office, Libre  Office (providing equivalent to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, & Paint) as well as Free Brand Name Versions of Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, and Anti Adware programs that include free updates.

The computers all have High Speed Internet Ethernet Connections (not the slow dial-up modem type).

Our program allows usage of these donated items to be ONLY WITHIN the USA at this time; perhaps in years to come a change might include out of the US usage, but not in the foreseeable future.

The paperwork we require from the requesting organization is the same as is required by most foundations when they are considering donation requests. Typically, three items are needed: proof of current status as a valid as a State and Federal Nonprofit and a Letter of Request with specific info relative to the items and their intended use.

The letter must be written (preferably typed format) on an Original sheet of Corp Letterhead paper (usually color with Logo) with an original signature of the LEGAL head of the organization. The signature cannot be a rubber stamp, and only the” Executive Director” type person is to sign.

The letter must state who your organization and the person writing it, a written request for our help, what items/services, state how many needed, when needed by, what the items will be used for (explain the program fully), who will use them, when they will be used (dates and times), at what address, how will having them help, will end users get to own them after the program, state that you will shoot photos of the items being used by the intended program recipients and provide these photos to Silicon Alley Recyclers for our public exhibition (to be able to show the general public how we are helping to make a positive difference in our community), provide an invitation for Silicon Alley Recyclers to attend/view the program in operation when/where the items are to be used, state the organization is both state and federally currently valid as a nonprofit and mention the attached proof sheets from Sate (MI) and Federal (IRS)

The proof from the State of Michigan can be obtained via the internet:

Go online to

Left click once on “
Business and Economic Growth” (it is the second bar down on the left at the top of the page).

Then Left click once on “
Michigan Business Entity Search” (it is the sixth choice down in the Business Quick Links section on the top right side of the page under the Governor Photo).

Then type in the name of your organization ( in the box stating “Entity Name or I.D. Number”) and Left Click once on “Search” box directly below.

This should bring up a page with your corp. name, number and type of entity. Left click once on your entity name.

This should bring up your “Corporate Entity Details” page. It should indicate “nonprofit corporation” as the “Type of Entity”. It should show “Active” as your “Status”. If your most recent annual report is 2006 or older, you should contact the State and correct your filing requirements with them.

Print this page out on your printer ( two copies, one for us and one for your records).

To provide proof of your Federal nonprofit status, locate your approval determination letter indication your 501 type exemption status from the IRS. ( This is NOT your EIN, Employer Identification Number info).

On the 501 approval letter there is a toll free phone number for you to call. Do CALL that number and request a “current status letter” to be sent to you. Most of the time a fax is best and easiest for IRS to send to you so please have a fax number available to give them when you call. If you do not have any fax number available the request that they mail it to you (or e-mail). We need a copy of this letter showing your 501 status as being currently valid.

So, a quick review; three items, First, a written letter of request fully filled out and signed by the legal person in charge using a piece of original letterhead paper, Second, the printout of State of MI valid status via their website and Third, a copy of your current valid 501 status letter sent from the IRS.

Once all your paperwork is complete, then forward it to us either in person during our thrift store open hours (tue-friday noon-8p and sat noon to 6pm) or send it via US mail. If you send it via the post office, we highly recommend sending it “certified” as the original letter is hard to replace with another original should it be lost in regular mail.

Upon receipt of your request information, a staff member will review it to determine if all the required information has been supplied. If it IS NOT complete a staff member will contact you inform you what is still needed.

If the info IS complete the packet is forwarded to our review board for final approval. This board meets once a month. Upon final approval by the board, the items are processed to fill the request and a staff member contacts you to arrange and schedule their pickup by your organization at our thrift store.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Ron Bryant  @248.613.1419.

Thank You for your consideration and help in our ongoing endeavor.

Download a Printer Friendly Copy of The Donation Program Details.


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